Hospital Admissions

Helpful Information To Know Prior To Your Arrival

Upon arrival at Running ‘S’ Equine Veterinary Hospital, please follow the driveway straight and then around and to the left (east) side of the building. Truck and trailer parking is designated there. Please try to pull as far forward and to the right in the parking apron as possible, ignoring the lines on the pavement. This leaves a lane open for horse movement and jogging. Once you have parked, please come to the office in the front of the building to check in. Please inform the receptionist of who you are, what horse you are bringing and for which doctor. You will be asked to sign an admission/consent form, then the technician assigned to your case will come with you to the trailer to unload your horse(s).

This form requires information about insurance and the recent health history of your horse, so if you can come prepared with these details it would be helpful. Please do not unload until you have signed in.

NOTE: If you have a horse that does not stand well on the trailer, please make the office staff aware of this before arrival so that we can be ready to assist you in unloading your horse as quickly as possible.

Outpatient Appointments

For Outpatient appointments, a technician will help you unload and lead your horse through the front door of the clinic into the examination area. There your horse’s temperature, pulse and respiratory rates will be taken as a baseline. The doctor will then arrive shortly to begin the examination. For most procedures, a staff technician will hold your horse while the veterinarian works on it. There is ample room to watch and radiographic procedures may be safely observed from behind a leaded glass window.

At the conclusion of the appointment, you will be directed back to the reception area to receive a written set of instructions and to pay your bill.

Inpatient Appointments

If you are arriving at the hospital to drop off a horse for elective surgery or to be hospitalized for another non – emergency procedure, the check in process is the same.

However, a technician will lead you and your horse through the back door of the barn to a stall that has already been prepared. Please make the nurse aware of any feeding, blanketing or handling concerns that are particular to your horse.

Upon discharge from the hospital, a nurse or veterinarian will go over the discharge instructions with you, supply you with any medications or materials for aftercare and help load your horse. Payment for the full amount of the bill is required prior to discharge of your animal.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (908) 832-5484.