Emergency Services

We offer ambulatory and in-hospital emergency service, 24 hours, seven days/week throughout the year.

If you have an emergency call us now at (908) 832-5484. After hours, the telephone number for emergencies is (908) 581-7008.

Emergency Admissions

In general, if your horse is being admitted as an emergency, you have been referred into the hospital by one of our veterinarians or referred by your veterinarian. We have been apprised of the injury or condition and will be prepared for your arrival. For orthopedic injuries and lacerations, your horse will be admitted directly into the examination area, where a physical examination, radiographs, ultrasonography or other imaging/diagnostics will be performed prior to developing a treatment plan and admission into the barn. For colic and dystocias, your horse will generally be placed directly into a stall for examination, intravenous catheter placement, intravenous fluids, blood work and emergency diagnostic procedures.

You will be asked to leave a deposit (typically a minimum of one ā€“ half of the estimate) for the procedure or treatment and a credit number will be placed on file, if this has not been done prior to admission.